Deacon Council

The purpose of this Council is to:

1.  To serve in a consultative role to the Office of the Permanent Diaconate by providing information regarding the needs and concerns of permanent deacons throughout the diocese, whom the Council members represent by area.   

2.  To assure that information presented to the Office of the Permanent Diaconate reflects not only the consensus of the Council and/or the deacons in the diocese, but also minority opinions which may have been expressed.

3.  To support, and contribute to programs which will help deacons become more effective in their ministries of service to others.

4.  To encourage vocations to the Permanent Diaconate.

 The Council always meets on the second Sunday of specific months at the Pastoral Center at 2:00 PM.   Future meeting are currently scheduled for the following dates:  February 14, 2016;  April 10, 2016;  August 14, 2016; and October 9, 2016.   Anyone having an issue or question for the Council to address, please contact your representative or Dcn. Bob Hermes. To assure your issue is on the agenda, please do so at least 7 days prior to the upcoming meeting.

The Deacon Council is made up of representatives from each Diaconate Vicariate within the Peoria Diocese.  Current members are listed below by location.

        Location                                   Representative                         Term Expires    

Quad Cities: Rock Island                         Deacon Pat Murphy                            12/31/2015 

West: Kewanee/ Monmouth/Macomb      Deacon Robert Rodriguez                   12/31/2015
North: LaSalle/Ottawa                             Deacon Ray Fischer                            12/31/2017

Peoria East; Pekin/Mason County           Deacon Rick Miller                              12/31/2017

East: Bloomington/Normal/Lincoln           Deacon Bob Hermes                            12/31/2017
Far East: Champaign/Danville                Deacon Scott Whitehouse                    12/31/2015

Peoria North: Peoria NW/Henry            Deacon Toby Tyler                               12/31/2016

Peoria South: Peoria Southeast             Deacon John Skender                         12/31/2016

* All terms begin January I and end December 31, three years later. Election of a new vicariate representatives shall be held in the fourth quarter of the year the current representative retires from the Council.  Please note: If for some reason a representative cannot fulfill his elected term his replacement shall complete the elected term so the rotation of leaving representatives does not change. No less than 2 and no more than 3 representatives shall retire from the Council in any year.

                Offices                 Assigned to                       Term Expires    

                    Chairman:                    Deacon Toby Tyler                     December 31,2016                                           Vice Chairman: (1)          Deacon Rick Miller                     December 31,2016
                    Secretary:  (2)                   Deacon Pat Murphy                    December 31, 2015

                   Deacon Coordinator:      Dcn. Bob Hermes                      Appointed

                  Episcopal Vicar:              Msrg. Timothy Nolan                  Permanent
                                                          Deacon Bob Sondag                 Permanent

(1)  Please note it is expected that the Vice Chairman will assist the Chairman in his duties and be appointed as the Council Chairman (President) the following year.

(2)  The Secretary shall record and distribute the minutes of each meeting of the Deacon's Council